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November News

This month, the children will be discussing and
learning ways that we give thanks. They will be
making many art projects to reflect the seasonal
changes and singing fun songs about turkeys and
the things we are all thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of our
Little School Families!!!!! We are

thankful for each and every one
of you ☺


Illness Policy
As the weather gets colder and rain falls
more frequently, the children will be playing
indoors more. This means more germs can
and will be passed. This year with COVID
concerns, the regular flu, and even common
colds we ask that you always err on the side
of caution. Please keep your child at home if
demonstrating any symptoms of illness. A
few policies to keep in mind from our
COVID-19 Policies and Procedures:
Children must be free of vomiting, diarrhea,
and/or fever for a FULL 72 hours (or
more) before returning to school without the
use of medications. We ask that you also
keep your child home if they have green
mucus, runny noses and/or a cough. This
will ensure the health and safety of all our
students, teachers, and families. Children
who are displaying any of these symptoms
while at school will get a call home and
need to be picked up immediately. Thank
you for your help in keeping everyone
When in doubt, ask yourself, “What would I
want other families to do?” ☺


Parent/Teacher Conferences are
coming up soon. A progress report will be
produced for each child. Look for a Sign-Up
genius for your particular class’ conference
days mid-month. The Pre K class will begin
conferences the first week of December
followed by Preschool and Nursery.


Dates to Remember:
Veterans Day- 11/11 (Wednesday)
School Closed
Thanksgiving Break (11/23-11/27)
School Closed
Parent/Teacher Conferences begin the
first week of December

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