​Student Life

We have annual field trips to the Pumpkin Patch and The SF Zoo

We also have weekly enrichment programs as part of our curriculum which include:

Music Class

Movement Class

Cooking Class

Gymnastics Class

Drama Class

Learn Through Your Experiences...

Music Class

We have a weekly Music Class with Teacher Ann. Teacher Ann is our former director and decided that when she retired she would still love to do her weekly music class with the kids. Children experience fun finger plays, dancing, and playing instruments.

Drama Class


Teacher Ashley has a background in Theatre and has years of experience running children's theatre programs throughout the Bay Area. Your kids will experience fun ways to express emotions, dramatizations of personal experiences, singing, dancing, costumes,and so much more. Don't forget to experience "The Alligator Chomp"... Everyone's personal favorite.



Teacher Debbie has been working with The Little School-Tiburon since we opened in 1998. Panda Bear Mobile Gymnastics comes to us every week and allows kids to learn through movement and manipulation of their bodies. Your child will learn to swing from the bars, roll on the mats, bounce on the trampolines, balance on the beams and so much more. This fun-filled physical activity can teach your children control, patience, endurance, and coordination.

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