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Online Curriculum

Hello Little School-Tiburon Families!
We miss you all so much, but we are excited to bring you some online fun so we can stay connected with each other. We are going to get through this time together and we are here to help support your family.
We hope your kids enjoy and we wish you well during these unique times!

Videos, Cooking, Resources, Oh My!

The teachers have handpicked exciting online content for your  child to enjoy 

Fun Videos from your Teachers

What's Cooking?

X-ray Spring Rolls.jpg

Parent Resources:

This book explains what COVID-19 is to your children and has activities/questions for your children to help address fears surrounding what is going on.

our Teacher's favorite websites specially picked out for your kids


The ABC Mouse App has a free trial for 30 days also 49 percent off annual subscription is a leading digital library for kids under 12 and is free for 30 days

Fun youtube channels to check out

Jack Hartmann is Teacher Ashley's favorite musical teacher online! He is responsible for the Alligator Chomp and many other popular Little School Songs! This link takes you to his Preschool learning channel

Alphablocks are a fantastic way to work on Phonics!

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