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Our Nursery program is designed for two-year olds. We work on a child's social emotional development by teaching them how to share, take turns, learn routines, participate in group and individual activities.  Each day the children explore the environment of the school through a play-based approach to learning. Art projects, sensory motor activities, circle time, gardening, Music Class, and Movement Class all offer opportunities for children to learn and grow. The adult to child ratio is 1:6 and the class size is 12. 



The Preschool program includes projects, free activities, circle time, games and manipulative materials designed to introduce academic and life experience skills. The program emphasizes the joy of learning with a nurturing attitude toward the individual child. The adult to child ratio is 1:7 and the class size is 14. 



Our Pre-K program provides a complete, balanced and non-stressful curriculum designed to prepare 4 and 5 year olds for Kindergarten. The program is individualized and supportive with emphasis on oral expression, reading readiness, alphabet, math, number skills and problem solving. The program draws from all areas of the curriculum to enhance and support these important skills. We maintain an adult to child ratio of 1:7 and the class size is 14. 



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