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The Little School-Tiburon is absolutely wonderful! The play-based education, the facilities and programs all make The Little School-Tiburon the best choice for preschool. But what truly differentiates this school from every preschool in Marin, is its extraordinary teachers and the community.  We could not find a better place than The Little School-Tiburon for our children for some of the most crucial years of their education.  We are currently in our third year and my kids are so excited to go to school every morning!!!


-Lyndsey Child

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It's hard to describe in words why The Little School in Tiburon is so amazing. Is it the teachers? Is it the parents? Is it the individual attention each child receives due to the class size? Or is it all the above? My son comes home from school on a daily basis with new knowledge that I am so proud of. Whether it is about the circle of life of a caterpillar or the transformation of a simple vegetable from the garden to a healthy snack such as zucchini bread, I love how the teachers are so hands on with their teaching approach. They play, they do gymnastics, they garden, they hike, they have music class, all while learning their numbers and how to write their letters. From Nursery to Pre-K, my son is learning the tools for him to excel in Kindergarten.

-Lindsey Burmeister


There is truly no other place I can imagine entrusting with my kiddos than The Little School-Tiburon.  With the guidance of Heather, Buffie and Sara, I have watched 2 of my children transform into empathetic, caring, loving, intelligent, thoughtful kiddos who love to learn - and I can't wait to send my 3rd through the program as well. The teachers, community, parent involvement, and the class size all lend themselves to the creation of an environment that allows children to flourish and grow.  Every day I look forward to hearing about what happened at school...from gymnastics, music and dance class to creative learning activities like building a Taj Mahal and cooking Roti for India during "I" week, the kids come home with a big smile on their face and an excitement to share with us what they have learned.  I am so excited to send my son into Kindergarten with the strong foundation and love for learning he received at TLS, but I am also so glad I have younger kiddos who are still at TLS so I can continue being a part of this wonderful community.

-Jenni Marshall


I can easily say that The Little School is the best preschool community we’ve ever been a part of. After moving, we were lucky to become part of the Little School family and I can honestly say that the Little School has blown me away. The teachers care for our little ones with compassion, empathy, love, and patience while building their skills and knowledge in ways that are fun, diverse, unique, and creative. Joining The Little School is truly like joining a family – the community that the school fosters is unparalleled and we have developed friendships with other families as a result. I recommend The Little School for anyone looking for a loving, fun environment for kids and incredible community for families!

-Lindsay Hampson

The Little School Tiburon has been an incredible experience for our whole family. Through the play-based curriculum and supportive, loving guidance from the teachers, our daughter has blossomed into a happy and engaged little girl who is more than ready for Kindergarten! We also love the collaborative and fun community of parents who support the school. The emphasis on building community through activities and events allows parents to really get to know the teachers and fellow families on a personal level. We are thrilled to be sending our second child through the program, and cannot wait to see how he blossoms as well!

-Jenna Friel

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